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. the incumbent is leading into october in the debates. they're both in battleground virginia, my home state today. we'll have more later. since it is thursday, it's time for presidential football. >> personal foul, number 93, red. >> the officials lost control of the philadelphia/baltimore game among others. >> yes, unless you are buried under a rock, you know the nfl has kicked the replacement refs to the curb. >> the packers playing at the goal line. as wilson scrambles to keep it alive. the game's final play is to the end zone, which is fumbled by tate with jennings simultaneous. who has it? who do they give it to? touchdown! one guy goes on touchdown, and the other said no. >> that play is why the regular refs are back on the field starting tonight in baltimore. what does that have to do with the presidential race you ask? for nfl teams like the packers, the new regular refs can begin a reset for their season. for mitt romney it's time for another campaign reset. can the debates mean a new season for mitt and bring him closer to the end zone? our pal ed rendell joins us. governor, can rom knn
in virginia, mitt romney the first mormon to win a naum nax assured the crowd he'd keep god as part of his message. >> i will not take god out of the name of the platform. i will not take god off our coins, and i will not take god out of my heart. >> romney's religion sparked a dpood deal of interest among americans. according to google searches about romney's faith are trending higher than ever, surpassing any topics democrats used to attack him, that includes bain, tax returns and doggone roof. i think this interest is -- says a number of things. first of all, i think it sort of skew we aers the idea problem g propagated that religious doesn't matter anymore. i think clearly people still care greatly and deeply about the faith of their political candidates. so they're searching this, and i think that curiosity is actually a good thing. i think the reason you're not seeing this play out on sort of a national conversation the way some expected it to is twofold. one, it doesn't cement an existing narrative that's existed about romney the way that religion has been used in the past to do tha
home state of virginia, we have two heavyweights, tim kaine versus george allen. what's going on down there in virginia? >> this is the race i love to hate because it's been a race that's been so close since the day it started very early in 2011. you have two very qualified candidates. you have a very competitive presidential race. this is the one race in the country as a presidential race goes in virginia, so does the senate race an it's going to be for the campaigns about getting every single one of the voters out. >> jennifer, go to the show-me state, the king of junk science is still in the race, todd akin is hanging on. how's he still in the race? >> delusioned? i think probably is the answer to that. look. he is still in the race and a poll out today showing it fairly close. here's the reality. the reality is about money. he has bolstered raising $400,000 and the mccaskill campaign banked about $5 million in television for the fall. i don't know how he competes with that. >> all right. let's go to linda mcmahon in connecticut. there's a piece of northeast republicans show signs
club set. there's a fascinating quote. r rut gerz found a woman in virginia that does not like barack obama and thinks ea muslim. she looked at this election and said romney is going to help the upper class. he doesn't know everyday people instead of the person that cleans his house. she wants to vote for barack obama now. aren't you losing conservative voters like that? >> as romney campaign and conservatives we're not going to say we're running on 47% versus 53% line now. we have a view how this country should run. those who work and strive for opportunities should be rewarded and not be punished. those who don't have the opportunities should get those opportunities. no, listen, are we going to he embrace this one rhetoric of 47 versus 53? absolutely not. is this an opportunity to keep driving the message home? yes. let's look at athe posts today after the conventions now. the two candidates are tied, and i go back to the fact the democrats on the left have to be worried. even in 1980 jimmy carter, who talked about his grandson, was leading ronald reagan by 8 points in obtain. this
are on the campaign trail today. this afternoon president obama made a stop in virginia. >> i don't believe we can get far with leaders that write off half the nation as a bunch of victims who think that they're not interested in taking responsibility for their own lives. i don't see a lot of victims in this crowd today. i see hard-working virginians. >> i apologize to krystal ball and the people for virginia for calling it a state and it's a commonwealth. >> commonwealth. >> just this hour the romney campaign released the 2011 tax returns. he paid an effective tax rate of 14.1%. two hours from now mitt is in sin city for his sixth trip to the cash-strapped state of nevada. nbc's peter alexander is with the romney campaign. let's begin with kristen welker at the white house. the white house knows it's winning this race by a small amount, but anything could arise in october and knock them off course. are they concerned about the thing they don't know is coming? >> reporter: absolutely. they're concerned about the fact that they're expecting those polls to get tighter again. they like what they see righ
. and grow our economy. and the good news is, virginia, that in just two months, you get to choose which path we take. >> our very own steve kornacki is? charlotte. steve, what's the vibe ahead of tonight's big speeches? >> i tell you just a minute ago we had one heck of a crowd behind us. some of them are still here can which is great but skies just opened and the pouring rain all of a sudden. that seems to happen a lot here in charlotte. you talked about michelle obama and we will discuss that later, i know. but i think, you know, the interesting thing to keep in mind about official obama's speech tonight and a lot of other speeches is if there is one big idea that democrats are trying to achieve here tonight, is to maximize support among what one political observer called the coalition of the ascendant. if democrats win this election, it is going to be by maximizing and driving up support with specific demographic roots alienated from the republican party and finding themselves in line with the democratic party in recent years. we are talking about women, specifically college educated wome
tone yesterday when we were with him in virginia. we have heard from his advisors a lot more strong foreign policy attacks. this is a candidate whose book is titled "no apology." even after referring to russia as the number one geopolitical faux. and that the obama administration had thrown israel under the bus and regarding his remarks following the attacks in libya and egypt. he makes no apology for the words he's said so far. >> thanks, peter. >>> vick is at the white house. the state department has since corrected the president's statement that egypt is not an ally. the white house national security spokesperson tried to dismiss the blunder as a legal term of art. our own richard engel told chuck todd he had to sit down when he heard the president say that. what's going on at the white house today? >> this is what happens when politics in an election season particularly a presidential election season interseconds with foreign policy. and all of the sensitive is and the current before. after all, this is the middle east. $1.5 billion in aid that this country still provides to egy
in ohio, virginia, colorado, everywhere. >> the obama campaign doesn't make that calculus, because they focus on microtargets in different states. >> they all do. if you move the national number, you move on the swing states. >> the man famgs for breaking the watergate scandal is back somehow taking americans inside the tense debate last summer while the white house and congress tried it to hammer out a debt deal territory that has been covered many, many times. bob woodward's new book is called "the price of politics." it looks at how the administration has repeatedly clashed with republicans over the past three and a half years when it comes to spending and tax policy. woodward sat down with with an sbeer view with abc's diane sawyer. >> you really say in the book nobody nervous dharnlg. is that the president's fault? >> well, my conclusion is president clinton, president reagan and if you look at them and criticize them for lots of things. they by and large worked their will. >> and he did not? >> on this president obama did not. >> is that a failure of leadership? >> you know,
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)

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